“When Av Arrives, We Curtail Our Joy.” How?

The various expressions of ‘curtailing our joy’ * Avoiding trips, hotel vacations, and attending parties * Blessing ‘Shehechiyanu’ when meeting a dear friend during the Nine Days * “Joyous building” is forbidden during the Nine Days. What exactly does this include? * What should building contractors and construction workers do?* Shopping during the Nine Days … Read more

Judge the Rabbi Fairly

The slander of Rabbi Riskin based on the YouTube video in English * Rabbi Riskin took upon himself the sacred mission of bringing non-Jews closer to understanding the Jewish faith * When speaking with members of other religions, it is inconceivable to demean their religion * Rabbi Kook said we should not seek to destroy … Read more

How Should Natural Gas Profits be Divided?

What does the Torah say about who gets the profits from gas – the public, or those who found it? * The principle set by the Torah: A person is entitled to enjoy the fruits of his own hard work, but natural resources and means of production should be shared equally * How can the … Read more

An Illegitimate Boycott

The controversy against the ‘heter mechira’ as an expression of opposition to Zionism and secularism * The opposition of the Chazon Ish to the ‘heter’, and his claim that the sale falls under the category of ‘shlichut l’davar aveira’ * The Chazon Ish’s claim dishonors rabbis who disagree with it, completely invalidating their opinions * … Read more

The History of the Heter Mechira

The question of what to do in the first shmitta in the year 5649 (1888), after thousands of years in exile * The disagreement about the heter mechira between the eminent poskim of Europe and Eretz Yisrael, and the reliance of most farmers on the lenient opinion * Among the poskim who prohibited the heter … Read more

When Rabbi Mordechai Eliyahu Taught Halakha

Longing for the halakha classes of our mentor, Rishon Lezion Rabbi Mordechai Eliyahu * Is one allowed to make carrot juice and eggplant salad from fruits and vegetables grown in the shmitta year * Rabbi Eliyahu on shmitta garbage cans: “What? Should we tell people to fill their houses with mosquitoes?!”* Is one allowed to … Read more

Do not Invalidate a Torah Scroll

The great merits of Rabbi Shlomo Riskin, who gave up on the good life in America and made Aliya in order to settle the Land, where he created exemplary institutions * Different approaches are part of the world of Halakha; even if our approach varies, it is forbidden to invalidate Rabbi Riskin’s position * Threatening … Read more

“Do not give them a Resting Place in the Land”

Does the sale of the Land of Israel to a non-Jew in the framework of the ‘heter mechira’ contradict the Torah prohibition “Lo -techannem”? * The purpose of the prohibition is to prevent non-Jews from getting a foothold in the Land of Israel * There is no prohibition of “Lo-techannem” when the sale is for … Read more

Material and Spiritual Joy on Shavuot

The importance of joy on Chag Shavuot, in the material aspect as well * Avoiding prohibited preparations from Shabbat to Shavuot * Can one take foods out of the freezer on Shabbat for Chag? * How to prepare and light the candles for Chag Shavuot * Showering on Shabbat and Chag * ‘Birkot HaShachar’ for … Read more

The Appearance of Holiness through Nature

Can we rely on the Torah’s promise of agricultural blessing in the sixth year nowadays? The blessing relates to a situation when all of Israel resides in the Land and the Sabbatical year is of biblical status, and not by relying on miracles * Agricultural communities that did not rely on the heter mechira did … Read more