Eretz Yisrael – The Center of Torah

During the exile, many Torah scholars were accustomed to ignoring the central position of the Land in the Torah, thus creating the impression that holiness and spirituality are detached from the Land and reality * Focusing on the Land of Israel means settling it, developing in it all spheres of life, and grappling with the … Read more

Honoring a Callous Father

The obligation to honor parents does not depend on the way they behave towards their children, and children must be careful to treat them according to accepted standards * A child is not obligated to turn a blind eye to the shortcomings of his parents, and recognizing their inadequacies serves a purpose, but on the … Read more

Give the Opponent the Benefit of the Doubt

Leftists who want to divide the land are not “against the Jews and for the Arabs”, rather, people who out of concern for the Nation of Israel and their country believe that withdrawal is the necessary way * A question received from a police officer: How is it possible that in demonstrations in Haredi neighborhoods, … Read more

How to Educate in Times of Corona

As parents, the present situation of lockdown and children remaining home should heighten our awareness that the primary responsibility for educating and caring for our children depends on us * Even if there are difficulties during this period, one should continue to believe in the abilities and goodness of children, for emunah (faith) is a … Read more

What Is the Pandemic Telling Us?

When troubles occur, the Torah does not instruct us to merely lower our heads and wait till for them to pass, rather, to take advantage of them to examine our actions * The Corona plague challenged the idea of globalization, and forced all nations to return to increased preoccupation with inner circles * An individual’s … Read more

And the Idols Will Be Utterly Exterminated

The purpose of teshuva (repentance) is to free us from the various idols of desire that bind us throughout the year * Surrender to the various idols diminishes man, whereas belief in God strengthens one’s character and abilities * The blowing of the shofar at the conclusion of Yom Kippur calls to mind the blowing … Read more