Time to “Drain the Swamp”

Regretfully, in the last day there were two shocking and despicable acts of murder and attempted murder.

A man set out – supposedly in the name of the Torah, purity and holiness, to eliminate impurity by an act more horrible than all others – itself, the source of all impurities – willful murder. Thank God, his abominable scheme was not fully carried out, and we hope that all the injured will have a speedy recovery, and return to full strength.

Unfortunately, in the second case of the Arab family, a baby was murdered and members of his family were very seriously injured, and who knows how much more pain they will have to agonize due to their severe wounds. Adding insult to injury, the perpetrators wrote graffiti on the wall of the house: “Long live the king the Mashiach forever,” as though for the sake of world peace in the days of the Mashiach, people must be killed in their sleep.

The truth is that in every society there are criminals, and public representatives are obligated to deal with them. For this purpose, there are laws and government. But that these criminals dare to wrap themselves in cloaks of zealousness for God and His Torah is possible because large sectors of society – Torah observant Jews, God-fearing and upright, Haredim and Mitnachalim (settlers) – live in deep frustration and helplessness. They see how the government, State-run institutions, and the public media frequently discriminate against them and their values. This frustration is interpreted by the criminals as permission to carry out horrendous acts.

Along with the regular education regarding the importance of life and the dignity of human beings, and vigorous actions against the criminals themselves, the time has come to “drain the swamp” by way of pointing out a path and vision for the State of the Jewish people in its sacred land. Amongst other things, the State must act to establish Jewish culture, Torah study and observance according to Jewish tradition throughout the ages, strengthen settlement in all parts of the country, and conduct a determined war against the enemies of Israel.

Most importantly, all this should be done not as the right of the individual, but as the duty of the public at large. Upon that, teach the value of life and respect for all individuals, and the freedom and right given by God for each person to choose his own path, whether right or wrong. By doing so, we will bring the Days of Mashiach closer, as written in the Books of our Prophets, and as morally intended.