The Solution Lies in Samaria

The familiar reasons causing the steep rise in housing prices * The root causes of the rise in housing prices: Overpopulation and natural growth * The solution to the crisis: Widespread construction in Western Judea and Samaria close to the center of the country * The responsibility of political leaders and the settlers in delaying … Read more

The Malady of Our Generation

The need to confront the accusations of LGBT community against the Torah and the religious community without fear * Should this issue be addressed publicly? * The prohibition of sodomy and its severity, and the obligation to refrain from it even when there is a strong tendency towards it * Jewish sources prove that over … Read more

Slavery Leading to Freedom

The law of a Hebrew slave when the Jubilee is observed * The law of one who sells himself into slavery due to poverty, and the law of a thief sold by Beit Din * Why did the Torah allow the impoverished to be sold into slavery, instead of forcing the rich to support them? … Read more

Desecration of God and the Torah

The words of Rabbi Tzvi Yehudah Kook on the disrespect shown to the Chief Rabbis in the Ponevezh Yeshiva in its early years * The weakness of the heads of the yeshiva against brazen students * From the seeds of calamity grew the rotten fruit of contempt and violence against the present heads of the … Read more

How binding is Minhag?

Should a person continue praying in the traditional style of his fathers’, or can he change? * When one’s custom is different than that of the congregation, how should he pray? * Obligatory minhagei avot are learned from deeds, not from books * When should one stick to his father’s minhag when there are differing … Read more

Marrying Young Successfully

A letter from a mother concerning children marrying no later than the age of 24 * Can a young man learning in yeshiva and serving in the army start a family at an early age without becoming a financial burden on his parents? * Yeshiva students who are not certain they are fit for teaching … Read more

Social Welfare According to Torah

The importance of caring for the poor and weak according to the Torah * The leftist theory: State and society are to blame for the situation of the poor * The Torah view: Responsibility for a person’s financial situation rests first and foremost on himself, and only when one cannot take care of himself are … Read more