The Two Sins of Netanyahu

What’s so bad About the Prime Minister’s Speech

Question: I have read responses from right-wing spokespeople on Arutz
7, and all of them are disappointed and embarrassed about the Prime
Minister’s speech. I don’t feel betrayed. What do you expect the Prime
Minister to say in such an official speech? Do you expect him to
declare that he supports the transfer of all the Arabs? If he’s not in
favor of the establishment of a Palestinian state, what’s his
alternative? What exactly do we want him to say?
Honestly speaking, I was not disappointed with his speech, and even a
little bit pleased, for everyone knows that the Arabs won’t agree to a
demilitarized Palestinian state, or to recognize Israel as the Jewish
state, so at least there won’t be evacuations, and we can build
according to our natural growth needs. Does anyone have a different

The Sins of the Speech

Answer: The Prime Minister sinned twice. His first sin was his
agreement to concede the inheritance of our forefathers and to give it
to another nation. God promised us this land, from the Euphrates River
to the Nile River. We are the only ones who have national and
historical rights on this land, for during all the years of our exile,
we never gave-up hope of returning to her. The Prime Minister conceded
this absolute right. We can learn something from the Arabs, who, for
nearly twenty years have been conducting negotiations with us,
speaking and promising us peace, and yet they still haven’t conceded
on any of their demands.
The Prime Minister’s second sin was that he lied to his voters. Only a
few months ago he conducted an election campaign whose central
platform was the rejection of an Arab state in the land of Israel, and
within a few months, he broke his promise. Later on, he will blame his
voters for expecting him to fulfill his promises.

The Religion of Islam – A Warring Religion

We have no easy and simple solutions. We are in a state of war with
the vast majority of Arab nations, and the believers of Islam
throughout the world support them. We did not initiate this situation,
and nothing that we do will stop their war against us.
According to the Islamic way of thinking, the world is divided into
two sections: ‘Dar-al-Islam’ is the section already conquered by
Muslims, and ‘Dar al-Harb’ is the place of war. One of the central
commandments, from their point of view, is the commandment of Jihad,
in other words, the commandment to wage war and conquer, turning the
combat area into Muslim territory. The State of Israel constitutes for
them an especially difficult problem, for it was established on an
area that had already been conquered by Muslims, and therefore, it is
the first place they must conquer – by sword or by guile. Their
religious belief has been weakened; however, this genetic code remains
as their central, national motive.
The only way to exempt a Muslim from war is to create a situation
where he is totally compelled – he has no chance or opportunity to
succeed. Then he will wait for years, if not generations, and when the
time is right, he will go to war once again. This is the religious
Muslim motivation – to impose their beliefs by force of the sword.

The Failure of Capitulating

Therefore, any agreement to give them rights over any part of the Land
of Israel constitutes a foundation and an incentive to continue their
war against us. This won’t remove the Iranian threat, rather it will
increase it. Only one who does not surrender to pressure can deter the
enemy from using nuclear weapons.
Unlike the proclamations of his advocates, Prime Minister Netanyahu is
continuing the policy of a building freeze and discrimination against
the communities in Judea and Samaria. His speech will not allow him to
help the settlement movement in Judea and Samaria in the future; it
will only invite additional pressure and hinder any of his efforts to
strengthen them. Such voices can already be heard from the leaders of
Europe and America.

The Alternative

The only response to the Arab threat can be found in a return to our
roots – to the true reason why we got here. A return to the covenant
which God made with Abraham our forefather (Genesis 15:18): “To your
descendants I have given this land, from the Egyptian River as far as
the great river, the Euphrates”. A return to the mitzvah we are
commanded in the Torah (Deuteronomy 1:8): “Come, occupy the land that
God swore He would give to your fathers, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, and
to their descendants after them.”
Therefore, it is forbidden to concede even one grain of land. Israeli
sovereignty should be applied to more areas of Judea and Samaria
without granting any more civilian rights to additional Arabs. On the
contrary, we must work towards the expulsion from Israel of all those
people who oppose the existence of the State of Israel. True, our
ability is limited, and at the present time we lack the strength to
expel all of our enemies from the land, but we can definitely create
motivation amongst those who are hostile to the State of Israel to
emigrate to other countries.
We must inform our neighboring countries that we have a claim to the
entire land of Israel – till the Euphrates River. Indeed, in the
meantime, we are not planning to go to war, however, any war started
against us will be utilized to liberate additional land and to expel
additional enemies from our land. Then the Arabs will understand that
in a war against us, they stand to loose. Then they will honor us, and
wait for us to become tired or weak. For decades, our leaders have
taught them that there is no price for wars – either they won, or they
didn’t win, but they couldn’t lose, for we are afraid to conquer
additional territory, and we can’t govern them properly due to our
moral weakness. But when we display strength, firmness and faith, they
will understand that if they try to fight us, they will lose even
The World Can Understand

There are those who claim that the world won’t understand this. But
the world will not even understand what Netanyahu said. If he agreed
to an Arab state, why won’t he freeze the settlements? On the
contrary, he proved that he can be pressured, and therefore his
position will not be understood, but rather be used as the foundation
for additional and stronger pressure.
On the other hand, if we were to talk, at every opportunity, about our
rights to all of the land of Israel, many people would understand us.
If we were to give each ambassador and every visitor a book of the
Bible and on the front pages, in gold lettering, print all the verses
where God promised us the land, translating them into all the
languages, and together with the honored visitors, read the verses and
be enthused by the miracle of the Return to Zion – then they would
honor us and our position. Unfortunately, this hasn’t even been tried.

With the Kindness of God and in the Merit of the Settlers

It is only because of the kindness of God and the self-sacrifice of
the settlers, who, with their bodies, are preventing and restricting
any withdrawals, that Israeli politicians do not retreat and concede
to the Arab pressure. If it weren’t for the settlers, our
international situation would be much worse, and we would be facing a
difficult battle for Jerusalem and the cities in the Lower Plain, such
as Tel Aviv and Petach Tikva.
We must enlarge our study halls and yeshiva’s, so they can conceive an
organized, political doctrine. We must produce honest leaders,
possessors of vision and practical wisdom, who know how to advance the
State of Israel towards its goals.

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