May a Foreign Caregiver Cook for a Jew?

May a Foreign Caregiver Cook for a Jew? The prohibition of bishulei goyim also applies to foreign caregivers of the elderly and the sick * The gezera is intended to prevent widespread assimilation and not to solve specific concerns about avodah zarah, therefore it is relevant even when there is no reasonable chance of intermarriage … Read more

Who are the Gedolei Ha’Torah?

Who are the Gedoei Ha’Torah? Occasionally, people from the hareidi community question or attack my articles. Even though they are aware that I strive to follow in the path of Maran HaRav Kook zt”l, nevertheless they argue: “Why don’t you accept the authority of the gedolei ha’ Torah (eminent Torah scholars)?” The answer is: I don’t consider them gedolei … Read more

Wealth through Tithing

“Aser T’aser”  – Give a Tithe to Grow Rich In this week’s Torah portion Re’eh, we learn about the mitzvah ma’aser k’safim (giving 10% of one’s income to charity), as the verse says: “Take a [second] tithe”, or in Hebrew, “aser t’aser”(Deuteronomy 14:22). Our Sages interpreted this verse as follows: “Take a [second] tithe – so you may … Read more

It's All Happening at the Zoo

Blessings for Visiting the Zoo After last week’s article concerning the blessing “ma’aseh bereshit” recited by those traveling throughout the country upon seeing the ocean, a unique mountain or hill, I will now deal with the blessings recited by visitors to the zoo: the blessing “ShCacha Lo BeOlamo” (who has such [beautiful things] in His … Read more

A Travelers Guide to Blessings

Blessings over Unusual Sights: A Traveler’s Guide This is the time of year when many people take trips throughout the country. In order to elevate these outings by observing the greatness of the Creator, it is worthwhile mentioning the blessings our Sages enacted to recite upon seeing an unusual sight. Blessing over Impressive Landscapes On five impressive … Read more

Advice for Tisha B'Av

Coffee on the Fast Q: Rabbi, I am used to drinking a couple of cups of coffee everyday, and as a result when I fast, I get terrible headaches. Is there anything I can do? Maybe I fall under the category of a choleh(an ill person), and exempt from fasting? A: Since you need coffee to … Read more

Remedying Lust in the Generation of Mashiach

Pinchas – Rectifying ‘Pagam HaBrit’ In this article I will deal with two interrelated problems. First, coping with a permissive society and all its temptations – especially in the area of sexual immorality and modesty. Second, educating youth – particularly, in face of the summer vacation and its challenges. The Generation of the Flood The Kabbalists said … Read more