"The Golden Calf Replayed" (Part 1)

Gilad Shalit

Once again, the left-wing with assistance from the media is organizing
dances around their golden calf. This time it’s the demand to do
everything possible to return Gilad Shalit home. They compose songs,
light candles, etc, all to intensify the dancing around the new golden
calf. Professional demagogues compete with each other spreading
seemingly moral claims. One declares that the State of Israel made a
covenant with every soldier to return him home [if he is captured],
and it is forbidden to breach this covenant. The choir, in its
foolishness, follows along by saying that everything must be done to
return Gilad home.
The level of stupidity they have reached is unbelievable. The State of
Israel sends soldiers to be killed for the sake of the security of
Israel. She also sends soldiers to endanger their lives to capture
terrorists. All of a sudden, when a soldier falls captive, we have to
do ‘everything’ to return him?! Some even have the chutzpa to claim
that they are speaking in the name of the soldiers! It’s the soldiers
themselves who will be the first to pay the price if, G-d forbid,
‘everything’ is given to return the captive home.

The Hidden Motive

All of this has a motive. The left-wingers are interested in releasing
terrorists even without Gilad Shalit. The fact is that before every
Muslim holiday some type of ceremony is held freeing terrorists. In
deed, they are usually small fish, but never the less they are
released before their scheduled time. In the opinion of these left-
wingers, the war against terrorists is meaningless, for only Israel’s
surrender to their demands, including awarding the Arabs sovereignty
over Judea and Samaria and the right to settle anywhere in the land,
will lead to peace and quiet. Joining the left-wingers are myriads of
foolish, short-sighted people, whose intentions, to help the captive,
are good, but their vision is short-sighted.
If those left-wingers were asked to give up 2,000 shekels from their
salaries for a number of years for the sake of Gilad Shalit, suddenly
it would become clear that not ‘everything’ must be done for him. The
meaning of ‘everything’ is surrendering on the integrity of the State
of Israel and on the security of its citizens.

Idol Worship

This is the way of idol worship – to elevate one specific value,
thereby cancelling other values. It sounds good, and the idea is short
and catchy. “Peace Now” and all the problems will be solved. Or in the
new style: “Two states for two nations” and all the problems will be
solved. This is what’s presently happening with Gilad Shalit.
Even before we discuss the sin of idol worship and stupidity, we are
talking about people whose value system is sparse. These are people
who do not understand the purpose of the Jewish nation and the value
of the land of Israel. Therefore they are willing to surrender in the
name of the promised quiet. This is similar to when the people wanted
the Golden Calf, and didn’t have the patience to wait for Moshe
Rabbeinu for even a couple of days. Seemingly, they really didn’t want
him to return, therefore they were willing to accept the substitute of
the Golden Calf, whose religious demands were more moderate, and whose
preparation was quick and simple.

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