And the Idols Will Be Utterly Exterminated

The purpose of teshuva (repentance) is to free us from the various idols of desire that bind us throughout the year * Surrender to the various idols diminishes man, whereas belief in God strengthens one’s character and abilities * The blowing of the shofar at the conclusion of Yom Kippur calls to mind the blowing … Read more

The Days of Awe in the Shadow of Corona

The courtyard and balcony minyans required this year due to Corona hold a great blessing * During prayers, the piyyutim (liturgical poems) and additions should be skipped, and focus on the essentials * In certain circumstances, repetition of the Shaliach Tzibbur should also be skipped * The remaining time should be utilized for Torah study … Read more

The Vision of Torah Study for Women

In principle, there is no impediment for women to engage in any field of Torah * Throughout the ages, theoretical and research study of Torah was the domain of men, due to the customary social arrangements * In a reality where women are knowledgeable in all fields, and strive for it in the Torah as … Read more

Rabbi Kook’s Essay “HaDor” (“The Generation”)

The essay “HaDor” (“The Generation”) in the book “Ikvei HaTzon” is undoubtedly one of Rabbi Avraham Yitzchak HaKohen Kook’s most fundamental essays, in which he analyzes the special character of the generation, and outlines a path for its repentance and perfection. Rabbi Kook explains that Jews who abandoned the Torah in the previous generations were … Read more

Tithes and the Guaranteed Blessing

The guaranteed blessing for those who give maaser (tithes) from their earnings is dependent on the diligence with which they work * Those who set aside maaser for unworthy purposes will not receive the blessing of maaser kesafim (tithes from profits) * Maaser kesafim should not be used to pay for children’s tuition, even for … Read more

A Crying for Generations

The notion that Torah and action can be separated is the root of the mistake that led to the Sin of the Spies * Those who refused to immigrate to Israel in the early days of Zionism were partners in the modern-day Sin of the Spies, for which we pay the price to this day … Read more

Freedom of Press and Constructive Lashon Hara

The conditions for speaking lashon hara for a constructive purpose does not apply in a situation where strict adherence to the conditions will completely offset its achievement * Media reporting is of greater importance in democratic states, than in small communities * The media was initially devised by people with leftist views, therefore it is … Read more