The ‘Seven Clean Days’ In Our Times

While the Beit HaMikdash existed, ruach ha’kodesh dwelled among Israel, ritual purity was practiced, and our Sages refrained from imposing additional restrictions on the prohibition of niddah. However, after people lost heart, they decided to enact decrees to distance people from transgressing * A deeper reason for adding prohibitions: since the destruction of the Beit … Read more

Distancing that Brings Nearer

The laws of niddah afford us the opportunity to give the sadness and crisis in married life their appropriate place * Out of the sadness and distancing, husband and wife reunite with greater love, and thus the fire that keeps marriage alive is guarded * In older age, love between a couple deepens and intensifies, … Read more

The Mikveh and the Purifying Power of Water

Immersion in a pure mikveh is intended to connect the physical body and the realms of earthly life to the sacred, but for the purpose of Torah study and fulfillment of mitzvot there is no need for immersion * Immersion in water symbolizes the Divine grace granted to all equally, similar to rain that falls … Read more

Vaccination against the Corona Virus

As with any halakhic or medical question, in regards to the question of getting the new vaccine against the Corona virus, one should follow the opinion of the majority of doctors who recommend getting vaccinated * There is no point in reading articles refuting the vaccine, because a non-professional reader has no ability to assess … Read more

The Culture of Evil Controversy

The fact that an evil figure like Amram Blau who cursed and insulted Talmidei Chachamim and physically harmed his disputants is appreciated by the Haredi public is most indicative of the culture of controversy that exists among them * Not all members of the Haredi sector act in the way of violence and controversy, but … Read more

Eretz Yisrael – The Center of Torah

During the exile, many Torah scholars were accustomed to ignoring the central position of the Land in the Torah, thus creating the impression that holiness and spirituality are detached from the Land and reality * Focusing on the Land of Israel means settling it, developing in it all spheres of life, and grappling with the … Read more