"The Prohibition against Smoking"

1. The Prohibition against Smoking A question that many people ask is, “What does Jewish law have to say about smoking? Is it permissible or forbidden?” Hundreds of years ago, there were doctors who believed that smoking was actually a healthy practice, to the point where they would even advise smoking to those suffering from … Read more

On Rabbi's and Politics

Cause for Redemption The High Road to Salvation Two Paths ‘I will hasten it in its Time’ Torah Luminaries and Political Leaders Royal Rabbis Cause for Redemption Question: Why do the Rabbis today not stand up with strength and courage, like Mattityahu in the days of the Maccabean revolt, and lead the Jewish people in … Read more

How Are Leaders Produced?

The Most Severe Problem – Unclear Goals In addition to our deficiency when it comes to a heritage of leadership, the religious-Zionist public has another problem, one which is more serious: our fundamental goals are not well enough defined. Despite the fact that, in many ways, ours is the best and most balanced sector in … Read more

How Are Leaders Produced?

The Religious Community’s Leadership Problem Due to our two thousand years of exile, we have become estranged from those studies which relate to the issue of leadership. During that period, Jewish community leaders learned how to employ “shtadlanut” (persuasive entreatment) when dealing with rulers due to the justified fear that any show of self-dignity was … Read more