"Saving Another's Life"

Thou shall not stand aside when mischief befalls your neighbor The Torah commands one to save someone who is in danger. As the Torah also obligates one to return lost items to a neighbor “and you shall return it to him” (Dvarim 22:2), even more so is it a mitzvah to save another persons life. … Read more

"The Laws of Chanukah"

A FESTIVE MEAL? When discussing the festival of Chanukah, it is very important to relate to the unique character of the holiday. The halachah that will perhaps help us best accomplish this is the law that deals with the issue of meals on Chanukah – i.e. is there an obligation to serve a festive Chanukah … Read more

"Marriage, Plain and Simple"

When to Break the Glass There is a Jewish custom to break a glass during the wedding ceremony. This is done so that Jerusalem’s destruction not be forgotten in our moment of joy. Regarding when exactly the glass should be broken there are different customs. According to many opinions the time for breaking the glass … Read more

"The Laws of Brit Mila"

The First Commandment It is no coincidence that the very first commandment that the first Jew in history was commanded to fulfill was the commandment of religious circumcision – “Brit Milah.” This fact tells us something about the value of this particular precept. And though the commandment to procreate is mentioned in the Torah before … Read more