Don't Believe Their Lies

Question: Rabbi, what is your reaction to the violent incidents which took place Monday night in the Shomron against the Brigadier Commander, Deputy Brigadier Commander, and soldiers? Answer: I don’t know exactly what happened, but one thing I am sure: Whatever the media reports is extremely exaggerated. The media and the I.D.F.’s dubious reputation have … Read more

Names with Roots

Naming a Child after a Grandparent The primary aspect of the mitzvah to honor one’s parents is, as expected, directed towards one’s father and mother. An off-shoot of this commandment is the mitzvah to also honor one’s grandparents, this being for two reasons: first, because a grandchild is also considered as being one’s child, and … Read more

The Rabbi's Journey

The Journey of the Rabbi’s to the Moshavot A few months ago, a new book called “Eleh Massey” (“This is the Journey”) was published, describing the journey of the Rabbi’s to the new farming settlements in the Shomron and Galilee in the winter of 5674 (1913) in order to strengthen religious matters there. At the … Read more

Encourage Good Intentions

לעברית – לעודד את הכוונות הטובות Arrogance of the Stringent In response to what I wrote last week, some readers claimed that many girls who act stringently in the laws of modesty transgress the sin of arrogance. While they seemingly dress modestly, they really are proclaiming to their friends: “Look how much better and more … Read more

The Importance of Modesty

ערכה של צניעות – למקור העברי Perplexed “I am 14 years old and learn in Ulpana… Concerning the issue of wearing stockings, Rabbi, I would like to know what the halacha says in connection to my situation, and also, is it advisable to be more stringent than the halacha in order to become stronger religiously? … Read more