The Hareidim and the Mitzvah to Serve in the I.D.F.

The two mitzvoth fulfilled by enlisting in the army: the mitzvah of fighting a war to assist Israel from an attacking enemy, and the mitzvah of settling the Land of Israel * A mitzvah that cannot be performed by others, overrides Talmud Torah * In our current situation, the majority of yeshiva students must enlist, and only … Read more

Explaining Mainly for Ourselves

The I.D.F. and the state would benefit if all soldiers chose the Hesder track * Yeshiva students vacations are shorter than university students * Explaining the importance of Hesder yeshivas to ourselves, is more important than explaining it to the secular * Is the Hesder track at risk if we do not agree to two … Read more

Man and Woman in the Mitzvah of Marriage and Birth

The Greatest Mitzvah   It is a Biblical obligation to procreate, and in every child that parents give birth to, they fulfill a great mitzvah and merit participating with God in bringing life into, and saving, an entire world (Nida 31a; Mishna Sanhedrin 4:5). This is the initial purpose of Creation, for God desired the world be populated, … Read more

The Blessings of Hesder Yeshivot

Hesder Yeshivot   In recent years, various people have criticized and attacked the Hesder yeshivotbecause of its shortened military track. True, they acknowledge that the Hesderyeshiva students are good soldiers, but they claim that specifically because they are good soldiers, the argument is even stronger: Why shouldn’t they contribute three years like their secular brothers? Let’s go back … Read more

Bringing Life into the World: The Privilege and the Mitzvah

“Be Fruitful and Multiply”   It is a great mitzvah from the Torah to be fruitful and multiply; this was the initial objective of Creation – revealing and adding life to the world. Therefore, it is the firstmitzvah mentioned in the Torah, as God said to Adam and Chava at the conclusion of Creation: “God blessed them. God … Read more

The Role of a Rabbi Today

The Status of Rabbis in the Past and their Present Decline   In recent generations, the role of rabbis has become complex and ambiguous. In previous generations the community rabbi, or mara d’atra (local rabbinic authority), was responsible for Torah study and its observance. Under his leadership there were Torah classes for adults, and an educational framework … Read more

Connecting Men of Torah and Men of Action

The Vision of Torah Study   Torah study is fundamental to Israel’s existence. It connects the Jewish nation to God and to Divine values. Torah study is the key to Israel’s progress towards geula(Redemption), because in the Torah we learn about the destiny of Israel and the world, and of the mitzvoth – the paths to achieve this. … Read more

The Best National Service for Women

Army Service for Women   Q: Rabbi, in your opinion, are women permitted to serve in the Israel Defense Forces? A: The opinion of almost all rabbis is that women should not serve in the I.D.F. for two main reasons. The first reason is maintaining tzniyut (modesty) in the framework of the army, for the Torah specifically … Read more

The Progress of Woman’s Status in Halakha

The Progress in the Status of Women   In recent weeks, I discussed the status of women. We learned that the world was arranged in such a way that initially, man’s influence is more apparent – he is the innovator, establishes the principles and strengthens them – and afterwards, the inner side of the woman … Read more