Avoid Boycotts

Boycotting an entire segment of the Jewish people demands great caution and constant re-examination * It cannot be asserted that the Reform community causes damage to an extent that justifies boycott, even if in the past there was justification * The perception that your righteousness is measured by your exclusion of others, which unfortunately has … Read more

The Gadol HaDor Rabbi Meshulam Roth

The persona and history of the Gaon Rabbi Meshulam Rata (Roth) ztz”l, are not sufficiently told, although Rabbi Tzvi Yehuda called him the Gadol HaDor after Rabbi Kook ztz”l * From an early age his genius in Torah was clearly evident, and the roles he performed in the Rabbinate carried great importance * Rabbi Rata … Read more

The Obligation to Immigrate to Israel

The mitzvah of settling the Land of Israel requires Clal Yisrael to inherit Eretz Yisrael, apply sovereignty over it, and settle it efficiently * The general mitzvah requires every individual to take part in its existence, and in addition, it is a mitzvah for every Jew to reside in Eretz Yisrael * Rambam did not … Read more

A Great Principle in the Torah

The mitzvot of “Love your fellow as yourself” and “Do not hate your brother” are the basis of human relations, as well as relations with God * Love and responsibility for others expands in cycles – first, the nuclear family, after that, friends and second-degree relatives, and so on * The mitzvah of love extends … Read more