We Told You So

We Told You So

As a result of the Oslo Accords, we said they would attack us from any place we withdrew from. We said that missiles would be fired on Ashkelon from Gaza, and all the leftist, delusionary peace seekers, claimed that we were terrifying the public – and now, ‘Gush Dan’ (greater Tel Aviv) is under fire. We warned that retreating from Gush Katif would strengthen our enemies, but government and security officials responded arrogantly that, on the contrary – withdrawal would increase security. We warned that abandoning the ‘Philadelphia Corridor’ at the Egypt-Gaza border would lead to the flow of weapons and missiles into the Gaza Strip, and they said there were agreements with the Palestinians and Egyptians that nothing would be smuggled in from Sinai to Gaza. And here, a constant supply of missiles and other weapons have streamed into Gazavia Sinai for years. We said that retreating would bring Hamas to power, and they argued – on the contrary, it would strengthen the P.L.O. We said that if we have to fight them after the withdrawal, it would be much more difficult. We would have to fight in urban areas, and our situation would be much more problematic from an international perspective. They argued the exact opposite – if after retreat the Arabs open fire on us, we will be free to strike them relentlessly. We asked: “But they will shoot missiles from civilian homes?” Condescendingly, they answered: “First of all, they don’t have missiles. Secondly, if they do fire a missile, we’ll destroy the houses from which they are fired.” Yet, while missiles are being fired continuously into Israel, it turns out that, as far as the world is concerned, there is absolutely no legitimization to bomb inhabited houses.

Israeli Media

If mainstream Israeli media was fair, it would broadcast the taped recordings of all the leaders responsible for the Oslo Accords and the withdrawal from Gaza, so all could hear their foolish promises, and realize just how distorted their ability to correctly analyze the situation is.

If the media were honest, they would demand that all those who supported withdrawing from Gush Katif apologize publicly for what they caused, and disappear from the public arena. Instead, the media invites gives them the microphone and allows them to talk freely as if nothing terrible happened on their part, and they still deserve to be considered “experts.”

Apparently, no matter how much we criticize Israeli the media establishment, it will still fall short of the harsh criticism it truly deserves.

Alienation from Their People and Heritage

The only explanation for this painful phenomenon is that the central figures in the media establishment have become alienated from their people and heritage. True, they do not dare speak badly about I.D.F. soldiers or residents of the southern and central areas under attack. But in their hearts, they embrace the “just” position of the enemy, hoping that if we accept their claims that this land belongs to them, the Arabs will then be ready to accept Israel’s existence within the borders of the so-called ‘Green Line’.

Consequently, they believe there is no solution other than providing a “political horizon” for the Arabs – in other words, continued withdrawals. Any opposing position, relying on our right to all of ‘Eretz Yisrael’ (Land of Israel), appears groundless to them, because they deny its moral foundation.

What drives them to Believe in Delusionary Peace?

It is generally believed that religious people are less realistic, relying more on their faith than on an objective analysis of reality. On the other hand, people lacking faith are able to analyze a situation objectively, and as a result, their short-term assessments are more accurate. Yet, here we have a situation where precisely those who are faithful to Torah, the nation, and the land assess the situation accurately, while the unbelievers are mistaken in their delusions and false hopes, which sadly, explode in our faces time and again.

The explanation for this is that they are no less religiously committed – but, to a form of idol worship. Their god is called ‘Peace Now’ or ‘human rights’. This is precisely the sin of idolatry – taking one value and worshipping it, without considering the balance of all values.

In contrast, Jewish faith is careful to state that God is exalted above all definition, for He is beyond all values, and all values are included within Him. In His desire to merit Israel, God gave them Torah and mitzvoth, with the aim of teaching them to balance between all the different values. The leftists, who have become alienated to their Jewish heritage, are searching for a god who will give hope and meaning to their lives. Most of them previously believed in Communism, embittering the lives of many. Today, they believe in ‘Peace Now’, and bring all these troubles upon us.

A Gradual Awakening

Fortunately, a process of awakening is taking place amongst the public. Many people are already aware of the appalling bias of the leftist “experts” and the media, and their alienation from their people and homeland. Many understand that their “analytical interpretations” are merely a type of ‘entertainment’, whose connection to reality and logic is, at best, flimsy.

Although it has become boring and annoying, in order to advance this welcome process, we must constantly reiterate the guilt of the leftists. We must repeat a thousand times: “We told you so,” and continue to share the videos of their ludicrous remarks on the internet and social networks.

‘Basheva’ Readers

Some might ask: “What good is writing such things in the national religious ‘Basheva’ newspaper? Shouldn’t we try to get them published in other media outlets?” It certainly is important to publish such articles for the wider public. However, it is more important to resolve and define issues amongst the devoted, because they are the one’s who can bring about change. People, who are aware of the appalling situation of leftist “experts” and the media establishment, are the one’s who can lead the necessary change. If they forcefully demand change in the media, justice system, and academic research, which has shamefully slanted to the left – gradually, most supporters of our position will join in the call.

The Long-Term Solution

In the long-term, the only solution to the security situation is to restore Israeli control over the Gaza Strip. We must return to the circumstances we were in twenty years ago, but this time, with the clear conviction that this land belongs to the Jewish nation. We have returned to the land after two thousand years of exile, and we will never abandon it. Any Arab, who treats us with dignity and respect, can live an honorable life. Anyone who wants to wage war, we will fight them with all our might.

To this end, Israeli consciousness needs to be strengthened significantly. It could be that even without the appropriate strengthening, the security situation will force us to return to complete military control in the Gaza Strip, just as today, the army controls Judea and Samaria. But even under such circumstances, without a profound understanding of Israel’s destiny, there will never be quiet.

Currently Proposed Solutions

The problem is that in the present situation, the citizens of Israel lack the moral courage to restore our control of the Gaza Strip. Thus, we are left with the question of how to deter the enemy from bombarding our cities in the short term.

In an attempt to offer a solution, we must first review the suggestions that have already been put forward. Let’s return to the position of the leftist “sages” and their military brass flunkies. Before the withdrawal from southern Lebanon and the Gaza Strip, they declared that if afterwards they continue to bombard us, we will set southern Lebanon on fire, bomb the Gaza Strip relentlessly, and the entire world will identify with us. As we know – these words are meaningless. They themselves don’t even believe them! And it doesn’t matter now whether their statements were said out of stupidity, or intentionally – in order to deceive innocent Jews. In practice, if we listen to them, the large-scale price we will have to pay will be excruciatingly harsh.

Currently, the leftist “sages” suggest halting the operation in Gaza, and granting the Arabs a “political horizon” by returning to negotiations with Abu Mazen (Abbas). If this weren’t so sad, it would be funny. How can negotiations with Abu Mazen, who is hated by Hamas, rein in the shelling from Gaza?! On the contrary! To show us who really is in control, they will shell us even more! And how could it possibly cross their minds that if, in addition to the Palestinian state they already have in Gaza, another one was established in Judea and Samaria, it would not fall into the hands of Hamas, who seek the destruction of the State of Israel? If we listen to them, the problems they have caused us so far will be Paradise compared to the hell that awaits us!

Some defense-oriented people suggest sending troops into the Gaza Strip, striking the terrorists, and then retreating. The problem is, the price we are liable to pay for such an action, in the life of soldiers and international criticism, is not worth the damage done to the terrorists, which at best, will result in a short-term deterrence.

A Change in Policy of Aerial Bombing

The most plausible solution is to increase the bombardment from the air, with three targets: houses and property, terrorist leaders, and arms supplies.

  1. We must announce that from now on, for every mortar shell they fire at us, we will destroy at least one house. For every primitive missile they fire, we will destroy five houses. For an advanced missile, ten houses. And for the most advanced missiles, dozens of houses – fulfilling the Arabic curse, “May your house be destroyed.” If they damage our economy by paralyzing the south, they will suffer twofold. In an attempt to avoid harming their citizens, we will have to give advance notice of the time and place of the bombing, so they can flee. Houses intended for destruction, needless to say, should initially be the homes of the terrorist leaders and their surrounding neighborhood – analogous to the statement of our Sages: “Woe to the wicked, and woe to his neighbor.” To win this battle, such bombings may suffice. Naturally, we will meet with hypocritical condemnations from the U.N., but not harsh enough to cause long-term damage.
  2. We will have to return to the policy of targeted killings. The difficulty with such actions began after the assassination of the mass murderer, Salah Shehadeh, around ten years ago. In that operation, fourteen other people were killed, including his family members and neighbors. Afterwards, the left launched a publicity campaign against the I.D.F. in Israel and throughout the world, demanding the commanders responsible be brought to trial. They also petitioned the High Court. True, the judges did not dare fault the commanders themselves, but in an act of scandalous irresponsibility, they caused the defense establishment to alter the procedures. Since then, it is extremely difficult to strike at terrorists. They know that as long as they are in the presence of their family – their lives are secure. If we don’t choose to endanger the lives of our soldiers using land operations, we must announce that from now on, we will assassinate terrorists in the company of their families as well. Certainly, we will attempt to strike only the terrorists, but the proximity of civilians will not prevent us from taking action against them. In order for the deterrence of this policy to be absolute and indisputable, it must be backed legally, made public, and if necessary, even to pass a law in the Knesset.
  3. By and large, army intelligence is aware of weapons being smuggled into the Gaza Strip. All such supply convoys must be bombed.

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