Who Is Bringing Politics into the Army?

The Protest at the Army Induction

Once again it has become clear that the non-religious, leftist media should be called ‘tishkoret’, or falsifiers, rather than ‘tikshoret’, or media. When the media reports on an isolated story, one assumes that probably they are reporting the facts as they actually occurred. However, when one is familiar with the story close-up, it becomes clear that there isn’t one case where the media does not purposely distort the basic facts.

The story of the protest by soldiers at their induction ceremony began with the vigorous actions of the Shimshon Brigade in expelling Jews from Homesh, sometimes while desecrating the Sabbath. As a result of this, the recruits from the Shimshon Brigade felt terribly uncomfortable; here they are, about to be sworn-in to the I.D.F., and their brigade conducts such evil actions. During their induction at the Kotel, two recruits held-up a sign saying: “The Shimshon Brigade Does Not Evacuate Homesh”. In the newspaper “Yediot Achranot” and on Chanel 10 News, it was prominently reported that I encouraged and instructed the recruits to protest. In actuality, I knew nothing about it.

Furthermore, had they asked my advice, I probably would have recommended not to do it, for only when a soldier is forced to assist in an expulsion must he disobey orders; however, he is not obligated to protest specifically at his induction ceremony. One who wants to excel in the mitzvah of protesting must act on his own, and if he needs to ask – it’s a sign that he’s not the one to do it. In addition, I probably would have dissuaded them because I could have imagined that such a protest would cause great anguish to their direct officers, amongst them, the platoon officer who is a God-fearing, Yeshiva student with lofty character traits, whose grandfather is an important rabbi. However, after they acted out of dedication for their nation and homeland, I honor their actions and recognize the benefit that results from such public protests. These are very highly motivated soldiers; the more we have of them in Israel and in the army, the better our situation will be.


Let’s return to the media (falsifiers). The reporters were clearly told that I was not aware of the protest, but, in an attempt to minimize its affect, they tried to create a false pretense, claiming that it was the rabbi’s who were inciting the soldiers, who, if left alone, are more than willing to expel Jews. In general, the media (falsifiers) love to portray the religious as being people who cannot think for themselves, and all their actions go according to the instructions of the rabbi’s. This is a sufficient reason to ignore the claims of the religious, and fight the rabbi’s who suppress them.

Not So Bad This Time

Nevertheless, it is important to point out that in this case, these media reports didn’t affect me personally, for in the opinion of many religious and right-wing people, this is an important and honorable protest – and it is an honor to be counted amongst those who support such soldiers. And in any case, amongst the non-religious, leftist public, they don’t differentiate between Yeshiva Har Etzion and Yeshiva Har Bracha, or between Rabbi Plony or Rabbi Almony. Anyone who supports the settling of Judea and Samaria is suspicious in the eyes of the Left of harboring extreme positions. Therefore, any time a Rabbi presents a view that is similar in one way or another to a leftist, non-religious position, people are surprised that “even though he’s a Rabbi, his views are enlightened.” In any case, they will still be suspicious that he is hiding his true opinions.

The Response of I.D.F. Officers

The responses of the I.D.F. officers excelled in hypocrisy. The Head of the Central Command asserted that “the I.D.F. should not be dragged into a political discussion, thereby creating factionalism in the midst of the army, which is the army of the entire nation.” This is how the person who, in fact, sends his soldiers to beat the settlers and destroy Jewish settlements, and carries out the most severe actions of factionalism, speaks?! The Chief of Staff also viewed the soldiers protest with severity, saying “not to use I.D.F. soldiers for ulterior motives.” Who is using I.D.F. soldiers for ulterior motives? This is exactly what the soldiers protested about, demanding not to be used for ulterior motives, but solely for the defense of the nation and land against its enemies.

Be Careful of Such Officers

When I.D.F. officers express themselves in such a manner, we must be watchful that they do not abandon our soldiers. In “Operation Cast Lead”, for the first time in a number of years, the I.D.F. took greater care for the security of its soldiers. In this way, together with good leadership, we might even win a war. However, our enemies, along with their friends from the extreme left, figured this out, and consequently, they are currently attempting to condemn the I.D.F. as being an army that carries out “war crimes.” When I.D.F. officers do not understand who the enemy is, the enemy which the soldiers enlisted in the army to fight against, there is a fear that such officers will prefer foreign interests over victory in battle. They will prefer receiving permission from “enlightened” countries to vacation in their hotels and exclusive shops over guarding the life of simple soldiers.

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