A Festival of Hate, Lies, and Falsification

Discrimination against the Settlers

Question: I usually agree with the logic in your words, Rabbi, but in
your last article I was surprised. How, from a discussion about the
rising violence in the streets of Israel, did you once again arrive at
the problems between the settlers and the Arabs? We’ve gotten used to
the Left, who twist every discussion and blame all the problems on the
settlers. Do we also have to act this way and blame the rising crime
rate on the discrimination against the settlers?

Answer: Indeed, in opposition to one another are the good and the bad,
and therefore, don’t be surprised that the claims of the evil are
similar, although in reverse, to the claims of the righteous.
The question is: how to differentiate between the good and the evil,
between the truth and the lies.
First of all, according to basic tendencies – the evil deny that God
chose Israel and commanded us to live in the Land of Israel, while the
righteous believe He did. The evil support terrorist organizations
whose goal is to murder and destroy; the righteous support the
settlers who are making the desolate land blossom.
Secondly, by checking the facts – who are lying, and who are telling
the truth. The damage that a small group of settlers cause the Arabs
doesn’t amount to even one percent of the crime carried out in the
Arab sector, therefore those who claim that this one percent is the
problem, while ignoring ninety-nine percent of the crimes, is lying,
for distorting reality is a lie.

Festival of Hate and Lies Surrounding the Olive Harvest

Soon the olive harvesting season will arrive, and people from the
Left, led by the Reform Rabbi Asherman, will once again begin their
festival of hate and lies against the settlers who disturb the
harvesting, and once again we will hear harsh curses in the media
against the settlers.
The story begins with the fact that the Arabs murdered hundreds of
settlers, and as a result of this, there are settlers who do not want
Arabs to come near the settlements without close guard by soldiers;
and there are those who want to prevent the harvesting as a punishment
for routine harassment of the settlements by the Arabs.
In any case, the cost of all the olives in discussion comes to no more
than 10 million shekels. On the other hand, every day and every hour,
Arabs carry out enormous amounts of robberies, at the cost of billions
of shekels a year. They steal from farmers herds of sheep, cows,
calf’s, beehives, tractors, fruit crates, plows, forklifts, irrigation
systems, water sprinklers, fences, banisters, electricity poles,
trees, seedlings, and anything they can grab. From the cities and
settlements they steal cars, motorcycles, bicycles, carriages, and
electronic devices; all this in addition to drug dealing, tax evasion,
and the trampling of building codes. Unfortunately, there are also
Jewish criminals; however the percentage of crime in the Arab sector
is approximately four times greater — the farmers who live next to
Arab villages can testify to this. And let no one try to play dumb and
claim that all this isn’t caused by nationalistic motives. This is
methodical crime which receives wide backing from the Arab street.
Therefore, when the discussion of the day centers around a few olive
orchards, but the systematic crimes against Jews at the cost of
billions of shekels is ignored, this can be called the annual festival
of lies, which wraps itself in a false cloak of ‘defending property’,
but in fact, its essence is to persecute the settlers who came to make
the desolate areas blossom, as God spoke through His Prophets.


If this was the order of preferences of only some Left-wing people, it
would be bearable. If it were only the media who joined them, it would
be difficult, but even then we could overcome. But when this becomes
the hierarchy of values for the Supreme Court and the chiefs of the
police, this is a sign that the deterioration has spread throughout
the system. It is only in the merit of some simple policemen who still
remember what justice is all about that a certain lawful conduct
remains in Jewish surroundings. But concerning farmers and business
owners who live next to Arab villages, the police are helpless. In
order to save their property, at least temporarily, Jewish farmers and
businessmen are forced to pay protection money to criminals. The
problem is that the price of protection only increases until it
becomes unaffordable. And after all this, the only thing left for the
judicial system, the media, and the Left-wing demonstrators to concern
themselves with is that the settlers are wild, and therefore must be
discriminated against and punished severely.

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