PPrisoner Exchange in Jewish Law" Part 4

Israel’s Security Policy

We might liken Israel and its security policy to a person who
maintains a continuous $3,000 dollar overdraft in his bank account.
Over the course of fifty years he loses almost $30,000 in interest.
Yet, because he is unable to take control of himself, he lags months
behind schedule, forever in the debt.
The State of Israel maintains a constant state of overdraft, in both
its economy and its security. Israel’s economic problems are well
known to all. The national treasury spends money that it has not yet
received from community funds. As a result, we are forced to loan
money from the United States, and this, in turn, increases our
dependence upon America. No less a problem is the fact that we
maintain “overdraft” in the sphere of our defense policy. We do
everything when it is already too late. If the State of Israel had
waged a war on terrorist organizations two years ago our security
situation would be remarkably better today, and many Jewish lives
would have been spared.

Instead of carrying out “Operation Defensive Shield” after the large
terrorist attacks, it should have been carried out beforehand. Instead
of eliminating terrorist leaders after costly suicide bombings, they
should have been targeted beforehand, when they began to threaten us.
Instead of waiting another year or two to declare war upon the
Hezbollah, Israel should declare war upon them now. If we had
initiated the Yom Kippur War a few of hours earlier, the results would
have been immeasurably better.

May we merit witnessing the fulfillment of our prayers that “all
wickedness will disappear like smoke when You remove evil’s domination
from the earth. Then You, God, will reign alone over all Your works,
on Mount Zion, the resting place of your glory, and in Jerusalem, Your
holy city.”

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